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doTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils

There are many essential oils out there.  Some are good, some are not. I've done a lot of research in the past while about them, and I choose to use doTERRA essential oils.  As far as I know they are the purest on the market!  They have 3rd party companies do extensive testing to make sure of it.  If anyone can find purer oils, let me know...I'd appreciate it :)  I enrolled in their membership program so I can get wholesale pricing on my Frankincense (it is $70 wholesale vs. $93 retail).  I go through a bottle a month plus I use a bunch of other oils on everything from ear infections to eczema to cuts and colds.  We are definitely not rich (actually on the poor side right now!), but we feel the oils are worth the money we spend on them every month!  I feel like they save us money as we don't go to the doctor nearly as much for me, my hubby or my baby!  So far I have successfully dodged brain surgery and I am not spending any money on prescriptions or over the counter medications.  We get over cold and such much faster and we have no negative side effects!  (Anyone on Bromo or Cabergoline knows when I'm taking about...not to mention Nyquil, cold medicine, allergy medicine and pretty much any rx or over the counter you can buy.)

If you do your research and decide doTERRA is right for you, I would appreciate it if you would use my distributor number(see below) when you purchase to help me out as I get commission if people use my number!  If you don't want to use my worries!  I am not in it for the money...that is for sure!  I love blogging and helping people and I hope my blog can help others in their search for alternative treatments for their prolactinomas.  Basically, I write what I wish I would have known when I started my journey.  Feel free to ask me any questions about my regime, oils, prolactinoma, anything!!!  My email is also below.  Good luck!

My distributor number:  18614
This is my doTERRA website:
My email:

A 25% discount is available...Ask me how to get the wholesale pricing!


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